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Toyota is Surprisingly Green

While many companies are concerned with going green, one company has the opposite problem. That's right, Toyota is so green that they don't even have to try anymore. Recently while building a plant in Mississippi they established two retention ponds to hold water runoff with three slots in the wall to allow water to flow out. Sounds pretty effective, right?

Wrong. Because the beavers saw it as the perfect place to create a…

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A Stock Toyota Tundra vs the Desert

The running of the Baja 1000 is an event that all off-road enthusiasts and racing junkies have marked on their calendars. It pits some of the most dedicated drivers against each other in one of the toughest endurance races in the world, covering 1,200 miles of Mexican desert. Conventional wisdom states that for an event such as this, countless hours of training must be put in, as well as myriad modifications made to the…

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The Toyota RAV4 Aims even Higher with Added Safety for 2015

The Toyota RAV4 has had a whole lot of success over the years in Richmond, TX and you certainly can't point to just one or two reasons that this SUV stands tall above the rest. Well, the available roof rack and 6.3 inches of ground clearance add an extra bit of height, but the point is, this is one well-rounded ride. Accordingly, the vehicle has you covered with a range of protective features…

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Off-Roading in the Desert with a Baja Legend? Better Bring a Toyota

When the going gets tough, the tough... drive a Toyota.

And what could be tougher than an off-road race through Nevada's Mohave Desert? Nobody knows better than Baja champion and driving legend Ivan "Ironman" Stewart, and he happily schools some whippersnappers in the art of off-road travel!

Check it out!

We can list a thousand places we would love to go in a TRD-Pro-outfitted Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, or 4Runner! Whether it?s a dry…

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Meet the Cat That Simply Loves the Toyota Corolla

To folk of the more cynical sort, one might say that love makes zombies of us all. To us, we tend to embrace it. Not that we envision a world where it rains flowers while the strains of Bob Dylan waft across the rooftops of Richmond, TX, but it's hard not to get excited about a car like the Toyota Corolla, which wins the hearts of so many.

In the case of one kiwi…

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Toyota Prius Creates Passionate Fans with Reliable Efficiency

When the Toyota Prius was first made available to consumers about 15 years ago, people were immediately impressed with how hugely efficient the model is. And well over a decade later, the model continues to impress its drivers. Have a look at the video below to see what we mean.

And with Toyota's year to year dedication to improving the Prius, it makes sense that it creates new fans every year. Some improvements for…

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Toyota Stokes the Fires on Hydrogen Power

First, it was petrol power. Then, hybrid power. Now... it shall be hydrogen power, and Toyota will once more be at the forefront. In 2015, they plan to launch the stylish and undeniably fuel efficient FCV, a car that will be powered entirely by a hydrogen fuel cell and sport a range topping out at 300 miles.

When you've got a product that unequivocally gangster, chances are you're going to try to get…

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Go Wherever the Road May Lead in the 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Sometimes it's hard to choose between functionality and rugged off-roading capabilities when deciding on a vehicle that would suit your driving needs. Luckily with the 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser you don't have to choose. You can get the versatility you need thanks to its 4X4 design and spacious interior that keeps passengers comfortable.

The highlights don't just end there either. We thought we'd let the auto experts over at AutoTrader.com…

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Toyota Debuts New FT-1 Concept at Pebble Beach Auto Show

One of the most prestigious automotive events of the year is the McCall Motorworks Revival in Pebble Beach California, and this year, the new FT-1 Sports Car Concept from Toyota simply stole the show. And while that model may never make its way into the Toyota new model lineup, we just had to highlight it anyway.

With a beautiful graphite silver exterior, large wheels, and a futuristic front end, the FT-1 Concept is incredibly good…

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Toyota Gives the Sienna a Complete Image Makeover

You would think that these days, the rapper Busta Rhymes would be endorsing vehicles like Escalades, Lamborghinis, and Maseratis. But instead, this master of hip-hop is making his way to the suburbs to throw his support behind the newly redesigned Toyota Sienna minivan.

That's right. Gone are the days when people cowered in fear at just the word "minivan." Gone are the days of men pretending to walk to a different car in the…

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